Manage Carbon provides services to industry, councils, households and not-for-profits in addition to commercial property owners.
Through partnering with a local electrical and solar provider as well as a business specialising in 'the building envelope', we ensure an efficient, safe and innovative end result for all contracts.


Manage Carbon has an 'ecoPartner' role with with ecoMaster (lots of eco!!).
Offering information to businesses, not-for-profits and home owners or renters in the Geelong region about ecoMaster fabulous products and opportunities. Insulation, architectural draft proofing products and secondary glazing to improve energy efficiency, reduce bills and care for the environment.
Have a look at: QUALITY Draught proofing products


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Green Earth Electrical -

Manage Carbon is delighted to be working in partnership with this Geelong family owned business, offering a strong suit of energy audits along with high quality energy efficiency upgrades to local businesses and not-for-profit organisations. This includes a range of lighting equipment, and solar PV systems utilising Australian manufactured products.

AVAILABLE Now! Energy Audit Offer to Businesses in the Geelong region with a 50% audit cost reduction opportunity


Manage Carbon is familiar with national and state-wide bodies such as –

  • National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting
  • Green Building Council Australia
  • CitySwitch
  • National Australian Built Environment Ratings System (NABERS)
  • Sustainability Victoria
  • Clean Energy Council
  • Property Council of Australia
  • Australian Carbon Traders