Barwon Disability Resource Centre


Manage Carbon worked with Green Earth Electrical in Geelong during autumn 2017 to carry out a full energy audit at this traditional weather board house where the not-for-profit Barwon Disability Resource Centre is located in central Geelong.
ecoMaster provided a draught proofing and secondary glazing report on the opportunities to improve the thermal capacity of the building envelop. The staff team were fully involved in developing the plans and are excited about increased comfort levels for the team and their service users. Manage Carbon assessed the reduced carbon emissions that can be achieved through each recommended action, which would also reduce energy bills.


Barwon Heath


Barwon Health developed the old St Mary's Hall in Ryrie Street, Geelong for their use as a library and meeting space during 2015/16. An inspirational steel frame internal 'box' space for the library was developed in a very energy efficient manner, but the hall meeting spaces remained in traditional heritage style and were 'leaking' heating and cooling.
Manage Carbon engaged ecoMaster to provide quality draught proofing on all external doors and to internal wall mouldings.
Ann Richie - Barwon Health Library Director: "Manage Carbon did a great job in brokering the work. Thank you".


Little Green Corner Cafe Energy Audit


Little Green Corner is a central Geelong cafe that was established on sustsinability principles, but like any small business it made equipment installations in stages during the first year of operation as it guaged customer needs.

An energy audit through Manage Carbon enabled the cafe owner to gain a picture of how much energy the business is using. They also received recommendations to reduce electricity costs through for example, some small changes in how refrigerators are used.

"In late 2015, Vicky performed a Level 1 energy audit for our cafe. At that point, we had been operating for 8 months. The process and the results gave us a terrific insight into the energy use and and opportunities for further efficiencies. Vicky was also able to use her contacts in the region to seek further 'real life' comparisons which enhanced the value of the report further. I can comfortably and enthusiastically recommend Vicky's services!"

Hugh - LGC Owner


Future Proofing Geelong

Vicky provided the commercial building energy efficiency project to businesses through a contract with Future Proofing Geelong from 2011-2015. She submitted the carbon reduction impact for ClimateWorks to complete both the 2013 and end 2014 Impact Statement on progress of the Geelong Low Carbon Growth Plan.

See -

Proud leader of a central Geelong owner & multi tenancy building upgrade partnership, which won the CitySwitch State and National Partnership awards 2014.

Terry Demeo (Manager of Planning, Strategy & Urban Growth 2011-13): 
“Vicky developed a strong team of Geelong building owners and tenants who are reducing their energy use in a range of commercial buildings across the city. Her skills as a Carbon Manager as well as her ‘polite persistence’ make her very successful in achieving action on reducing carbon emissions to meet the goals of the Geelong ‘Low Carbon Growth Plan’.”

Sustainability Victoria & Cityswitch have carried out research into productivity impacts of energy efficiency building upgrades. Staff cost “accounts for up to 80%-90% of an office-based company’s total expenditure, overshadowing the cost of operating the building, including rent, energy consumption and other outgoings. Even a tiny increase in employee productivity would quickly pay back any increase in these other costs.”


Austeng (Australian Engineering)

In 2011 Austeng Managing Director: Ross George decided to respond to a growing interest in improving the energy efficiency of his products and work place by engaging Vicky to develop the first ‘Carbon Management Response Plan’ for Geelong.

Over several months –

  • The carbon footprint was measured of the work place, as well as vehicles, flights and key aspects of procurement such as alternative concretes such as geopolymer cement
  • staff were engaged to contribute ideas for reducing emissions
  • key actions were determined and a plan to implement them developed
  • the plan was linked to work place skill sets and business planning

“We are excited to be working with Vicky Grosser in relation to developing a Carbon Management Response Plan.  We see the main benefits to our company as not only reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more efficient and thereby ‘future proofing’ our company against the direct flow on effects of the carbon price but also providing a base for calculating our carbon emissions if requested by a customer who has reporting requirements.  Another key benefit we perceive is having a plan that we can produce, if requested, in any future tendering process. 
Finally, we see the plan as assisting us make a statement to our employees, customers and the community in general that we are concerned about the environment and are acting on our concerns."
Ross George regularly updates the local community through presentations at sustainability related events about progress of Austeng ‘Carbon Management Response Plan’.  This includes fuel switching for new vehicles as well as harnessing of the ‘Ecowhisper’ wind turbine which was manufactured by the company and currently produced a significant proportion of renewable energy for the workshops use.

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City of Greater Geelong – Community Energy Efficiency Program

Energy Efficient Project Info Board

The City of Greater Geelong ‘Community Energy Efficiency Project’ (CEEP) is taking place at three sites: Splashdown Leisure Centre, Waterworld Leisure Centre and the National Wool Museum.

Manage Carbon is providing staff engagement with the project, plus informing the public and gaining their feedback through interactive on site questionnaires and art installations created with Deakin University art students. Data is being gathered, verified and collated by Manage Carbon against the baseline provided through modelling by ClimateWorks Australia.
Carbon management is carried out in partnership with City of Greater Geelong departments and managed through Future Proofing Geelong.
This project is an amitious example of where the council is taking the lead by improving the energy efficiency of its buildings. Joint funded by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and the City of Greater Geelong, the project aims to reduce the energy consumption of these three sites by between 15% and 30%. 
These reductions in energy useage will lead to substantially lower  carbon emissions and, in these times of escalating power bills, reduce the expense associated with running the buildings. 

  • Improve the general efficiency of the building
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (carbon pollution) and running costs (as electricity and gas prices rise)
  • Contribute to the Geelong Low Carbon Growth Plan (LCGP) – see Future Proofing Geelong website:
  • Showcase how Geelong is a leader in engaging the community in this project
  • Contribute to the Australian energy efficiency reduction plans: a report will be written in late 2013 about this project, including the data indicating the reductions achieved through its implementation.


Scale property – Carbon Farming Initiative

In 2011 the interest of farmers in growing profits from carbon farming led to some individual land owners across Victoria using tree planting and reforestation plans to contribute to ‘off setting’ markets.
Manage Carbon contributed information about the governments ‘Carbon Farming Initiative’, worked with Australian Carbon Traders to gain access to registration processes and developed plans for submissions to a range of funding bodies to achieve the plan at the Scale Property near Alexandra.

"I engaged Vicky Grosser to prepare an application for a carbon farming initiative.  Vicky was excellent in outlining the background of the property and preparing a detailed carbon farming proposal for it.  She has a detailed knowledge of the fund and the administrative process to support it.  Vicky has a sound technical and practical knowledge of natural systems, farming practices, site and re-vegetation works and potential carbon farming initiatives.  I found Vicky to be efficient, professional, helpful and encouraging and would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with clean energy or re-vegetation projects."  
Grant Scale (Property Owner)


Optimel – Import Export Business in Melbourne

Optimel Directors approached Manage Carbon with an interest in educating their staff teams about carbon emission issues. They wanted to engage their teams towards making changes in some practices, and understand the wider implications of their business such as the carbon impacts of international product transportation.

"Vicky worked with our staff and provided some guidance for setting up a recording system for carbon accounting (electricity and transport fuels). She developed recommendations for staged improvements in our work environment, reduction in utilities use, on export and import transport and ideas on how to gather information from producers to support green labelling. Her style of presentation was engaging, yet showed that she was capable of moving on to the next point without getting sidetracked. We were all impressed with her knowledge and capacity to respond to questions on power supply, transport and fuel options, waste management and carbon accounting. She also showed she was willing to revert to us in a timely way with other information that we would need for an action plan."       
Lester Levinson (Director)


Qdos - Wood Firing Emissions Report

The following report by Manage Carbon was on display at the Qdos pottery exhibition by Graeme Wilkie in September 2012.

Qdos is aware that now is the time to take responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions. The first stage is to measure the business emissions.
Qdos is committed to building a picture of its environmental impact, and being accountable for its small footprint on the earth. It also recognises that a growing number of businesses will gradually be required to measure and report emissions. As a forward thinking business, Qdos commenced this process in September 2012.

Stage 1 -
As Qdos is built on its art work, this journey begins with the creation of ceramics by Graeme Wilkie.
What are the emissions of a wood firing to produce the creations for this exhibition (plus additional pieces not on display)?

The wood fired kiln which was used to fire these sculptures is big. 
Graeme Wilkie: “She is 9 metres long, 1.8m wide (at widest point), 1.8 m high (at highest point)”.
To fire the kiln takes 5 – 6 days and nights, with a team of about a dozen people covering 3 shifts.
At some stage it would be possible to measure the amount of fuel used to transport this team to Qdos for this work. Food consumption of the hungry crew could be accounted for, and other items detailed.
However, at this stage the first question is –

How much wood does Qdos use in a firing on average, what is the source of this wood and what are the estimated carbon emissions?

  • Qdos uses approximately 30 cubic meters of dry wood for a firing: cedar soft wood with some hard wood. This is a generous measurement of the actual wood use. Typical woods are around 700 kg/m³ in weight. 30m3 x 700kg (average wood weight) = 21000 /1000 = 21 metric tonnes of wood
  • The wood is sourced from timber yard off cuts in Colac, as well as branches from local tree services: felling and surgery
  • Dry wood has a specific set of emission measurements (Australian National Greenhouse Emission Reporting data) which are multiplied by the quantity to reach the carbon emission figure.               (21 x 16.2:energy content) 340.2 x (0.08 CH4 + 1.2 N20: emissions factor) 1.28 / 1000 0.435t CO2-e

Qdos produced approx. 0.435t CO2-e of greenhouse gases in the September 2012 firing.
This is equivalent to approximately 4 flights (110kg CO2-e each) by one person (their part of the emissions of the flight, one way) from Melbourne to Sydney in Qantas economy class.

Thank you for reading about the Qdos greenhouse emissions journey.

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