Carbon Farming Initiative – Carbon Credits (Offsets)

Buyers were particularly interested in Australian projects that can provide early delivery credits; that is, those that can deliver between 2012 and 2015. Purchasers were also impressed with the business model designed by ACT that allows a greater spread of delivery risk over a range of landholders, locations and project types, and are offering very good terms for the right projects. Demand was strongest for certificates that can be surrendered under the Clean Energy Future compliance mechanism. If you have existing eligible plantings or are ready to undertake one of the other project types such as early season or reduced savannah burning, landfill gas capture and generation and/or intensive manure management in piggeries, then we have immediate demand for carbon credits. The Australian Carbon Traders business model is designed to assist landholders to prepare and register projects, support the monitoring and verification process and aggregate credits into larger parcels for landholders to sell to compliance buyers. Steps to enter carbon trading:

• Have an eligible project

• Meet methodology requirements

• Register as an eligible offsets entity

• Register an eligible project

• Undertake project activity

• Monitor, report and verify project activity

• Have credits issued

• Trade credits

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